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Question Help - (Mar/30/2012 )

Hey there,

I have two questions for my final exam and really don't know where to start hope that you may be able to help

1. The protein product of the gene xyz1 is produced in a hepatic cell line. Outline, with a justification, the procedure you would use to clone the coding DNA sequence of the xyz1 into a DNA cloning vector for further studies. For each step of the cloning procedure review the principles behind the methodology described. 2. The coding DNA sequence for Protein Y has been cloned into the pUC8 vector. Explain why this vector is unsuitable to produce a recombinant protein and describe 2 alternative vectors that would allow you to express the protein in prokaryotic and mammalian cells (ie discuss one example each of a prokaryotic and a mammalian expression vector). Review the benefits and disadvantages of both expression systems I'm guessing they might both have something to do with introns but really need some help Thanks Veronica


Hi Veronica, you might find your lecture notes a good place to start on these questions, after all anyone could be posting replys here! AndrewT