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Microcon vs Amicon - (Mar/20/2012 )

Millipore, after threatening to do it for the past few years, have discontinued their Microcon range and are suggesting people move over to Amicon devices.
I used to use Microcon YM-100 devices with good success but now they're recommending Amicon Ultra-0.5 devices for similar work.

Now, I'm not bothered about using these for anything beyond concentrating DNA in aqueous solution and getting rid of salt/common inhibitors but has anyone had experience of both to suggest that the Amicon is a good replacement? And if not a good replacement then what is?


they're basically the same, maybe a slightly different design but the membrane is the same (ym).


Thanks! I thought that this may be the case but was the move has been a highly resisted one by certain sectors (this will trigger validation work in Forensic DNA, for example). That had my spider-sense tingling.
Probably Millipore beancounting then.

I do notice that the price of these is nearly triple what it was about 2 years ago, though.