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Tris Buffered Saline (TBS) recipe? - (Feb/29/2012 )

Abcam has a recipe formulation list which confuses me


Whats the difference between TBS 10x vs TBS pH7.6-7.8?
The latter seems to have more (60.6g TRIS HCL, 13.9g TRIS base) Tris but the former has "Trizma" (= Tris??)?

I'm making up TBS for western blot purposes (diluting antibodies, washing and blocking).

-science noob-

The difference is in the Tris options. The first one uses standard Tris and then pH's using concentrated HCL, the second uses two forms of Tris powder the TRIS-HCL and TRIS base to eliminate the need for pH'ing with HCL. Both will be fine, but what do you have on your shelf? If you have standard TRIS (121.1g MW one) then use the standard 10xTBS recipe, if you have the two kinds of Tris (the HCL and BASE) varieties then use the other.


And yes, Trizma is the annoying name that Sigma gives for Tris. Same chemical.