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Weird qPCR curves - (Jan/17/2012 )

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Trof on Thu Jan 19 19:23:02 2012 said:

I deleted my post after a moment, because I looked at the picture again and better (busy moments between cloning and sequencing, sorry) and I'm not sure it's this case. That looks usually a bit different when all the samples are in plateau.

This looks almost like kind of a machine error. But that would happen randomly in any experiment. If it's only in a particular assay, it's weird. Did you try to check it on gel later? SYBR shows decrease in DNA, but you could compare on gel if it's true. If not, then it's problem in SYBR (degrading?) or fluorescence measurement. I would probably try to send this to Stratagene support too, what they think.

phage434: 95/55/95 would be melting analysis I guess, there is missing the ramp from 55 to 95.

Thanks again. I will email our stratgene rep here.


Signal dropped on cycle 28 for all sample. Unless someone sabotage your work, else is a machine failure, or there is some problem with the software algorithm.

-Adrian K-
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