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what does HLA-G stand for? - (Sep/11/2011 )


there are two different names for it

1-human leukocyte antigen, class I, G
2-histocompatibility antigen, class I, G

which one is correct?


As I understand it:

The human leukocyte antigen naming came about early on during transplantation research, when scientists hadn't described or didn't fully understand histocompatibility.

Both are correct, but I suppose if you wanted to be pedantic about it, then (1) is more correct.


as i know,
Human Leukocyte Antigen class I has only :
A, B & C types ... no G!
and class II has :
DQ, DR, DP, .... & many others ...

so, you have to check.



thanks Leelee ... grateful to the note ...
this is the first time, i hear about : HLA-G ...