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problems on the media for oryza sativa(rice) - (Jul/28/2011 )

hi all,
i wanna ask a Q on the problems happened to my CIM (callus induction media)

after about a 2-3weeks i cultured the seeds of Oryza sativa, i already got the calli and i subcultured the calli to new media.

but then, after about 1week, the calli turned yellow/brown color as well as the media.

why actually this happen? i'm worried already

is it the technique used or the problem with the media??

anyone,please help.. tq

-girl in pink-

This generally happens when there are phenolics in the media, You have to search for the cause which is causing production of these compounds and subsequent death of calli. most probabaly the problem could be with the handling of calli.


i did cell culture back in university (we're talking first year undergrad, so over 10 years now :blink:) but if i remember right, that happened when the tissue was oxidised, so look for some antioxidants to add to your media after callus has been formed.

another common problem was crystallisation of the tissue, kind of what happens to the politician in the x-men movie...