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What is happening to Antibody concentration after 48hrs? - Antibody concentration in rabbits after 48hrs. (Jul/13/2011 )

This is what was done:
Rabbits were infected with HSV-1. A human antibody IgG (novel) that targets Phosphatidylserine {is a phospholipid component, usually kept on the inner-leaflet (the cytosolic side) of cell membranes by an enzyme called flippase. When a cell undergoes apoptotic cell death phosphatidylserine is no longer restricted to the cytosolic part of the membrane, but becomes exposed on the surface of the cell.} was injected after HSV-1 has gone latent. Serum samples were taken at different time periods. Results from ELISA show that the novel antibody concentration drops as time goes on.

My question is:
Why is the antibody concentration decreasing? Given that the antibody is human, the rabbits are not humanized, and there is no information on the health of the rabbits at the times of serum collection.



I think it is just a simple clearence! It would happend the same to any other protein you inject!