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Minimum salt medium preparation - (Jul/04/2011 )

Hi everyone,

I'm growing Pichia pastoris cells, and need to prepare a minimum salt medium according to the recipe outlined in this article.

However, I'm having some issues with precipitate forming whenever I prepare the medium, and this affecting my OD measurements. I've heard that iron sulfate precipitates and forms iron oxide when autoclaved, so this may be the source of my problem. It did seem like part of the precipitate in the solution was reddish-brownish. However, I would like someone to confirm this. In addition, my supervisor mentioned that adding the salts in a certain order eliminates the precipitation problem, but he could not locate the article where this procedure was described. Has anyone else prepared MSM before?


check this.

And not all people can acces the article you refer to. So you better attach it here.