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Best method to filter a chloroform solution? - (May/12/2011 )

I'm trying to purify a lipid dissolved in chloroform. In case this is not clear, the chloroform is the solvent - I am not trying to filter out the chloroform. I am trying to filter out lipid aggregates above a certain size.

What is the best method to do this? I've been looking at bottle top vacuum filters with a PTFE, PVDF, or regenerated cellulose membrane, but I've noticed almost all these bottle tops are made of polypropylene, which I understand only has limited compatibility with chloroform. I obviously don't want to leech anything out into my solution.

I've also looked at syringe filters, but again, same case with the filter housing.

Are there specially made products for halogenated hydrocarbons solutions (eg. made with glass housing)? Any links to the big suppliers (eg. Sigma, VWR, Fisher) are also appreciated. Thanks!

-research newbie-

Would sintered glass filters help?


what is the range of volumes that you need to filter?

millipore has glass filtering devices and ptfe filters: filter holders and ptfe filters