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Is this fac. anaerobe or just anaerobe? - (Apr/20/2011 )



this is 2 pics of the same tube; i took two to see if one was better quality than the other. i tried to get as best resolution as possible.

The media is thioglycollate broth kept at 48 hours in 37degrees celcius. This tube was not shaken prior to taking the picture (mayb i shouldve done that?)

is this microorganism anaerobic or facultative anaerobic? My only concern is obviously what the red circle dictates, but i feel like the growth/settlement is too much for anaerobic



Seems anaerobic to me... they grow at the bottom...
If it would be factultative, you would see some at the top, more at the top.. etc...
(aerobic respiration is more beneficial so you would see them more at the top)

If you shake it: you cant see it where they grow.. so you cant shake it...


Growth in thio is not disntictive. Culture it on the surface of an agar plate.

-Phil Geis-

you should try two things: (i) growth in an anaerobic growth chamber and (ii) growth in solid medium that has been saturated with CO2 (i.e. all dissolved oxygen removed).

It is very likely that you have an organism that is at least facultativ anaerob or microaerophilic. The problem arising from your picture and experiment is: - how would the picture have looked if you have shaken the culture; - was the dissolved oxygen in the tube enough for your organism to survive; - what happens if "really" anaerobic conditions were applied to your culture.

you should try to answer these questions before being able to decide whether your organism is facultativ anaerob, anaerob, or microaerophilic.