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In vivo antitumor study - (Apr/14/2011 )

I am going to perform in vivo antitumor study. Do anyone have such research experiences? I'll inoculate the cancer cells subcutaneously into the SCID mice. Should I give the treatment to SCID mice after tumors reach a certain volume or the mice should be subjected to treatment the day after cancer cells implantation? Should I try three administration route (IP, IV and oral). I'm thinking of oral gavage as administration route for this sudy as the compound is a dietary agent. Looking for the opinions or suggestion from expert.thanks


hola, Im immersed in this field just for a month, and Im knowing all the stages of drug development. Firstly you have to know how toxic is your product (in more than one administration form) and which is the maxima concentration to prepare it. Some studies of stability in the mice body and secretion could help to know the half life in the body.The best way to know if your product has any activity is let form the tumor from cells measuring daily and making a graph of growth. some animals stay without treatment, and to some of them administering the drug, once or more times looking for the life quality and partial or total remission of the node. In this way youhave a way to know if your drug has any activity. If yes you could develop new studies adding the cells and the product at same time or some hours laterbut always with control animals withouth treatment.Have a lot of luck and discover a new anti cancer drug that made you millionaire.Buena suerte