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Good Value Antibodies - (Jan/17/2011 )

I noticed that a lot of the antibody search engines only include the very large reagent companies like Sigma-Aldrich.
Check out this place for antibodies since they have very competitive pricing.



This website lists all antibody suppliers and search results that are ranked based on quality (user ratings/reviews and publications) rather than marketing budgets



We also have several thousands of ELISA kits and several hundreds of antibodies for you to choose. Please visit us at


We always use Linscott's Directory for a variety of antibody suppliers. Their web address is

Nplex Laboratory, the company I work for has a pretty cool promotion. Free secondary antibodies (Cy3 and CY5 equivalent) to the next 100 customers who create an account, and fill out a short survey. This promotion started yesterday, Nov 3rd. You have to pay for shipping though. U.S customers only...