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How to store plasmid DNA on filter paper - I want to make a folder of all of them (Jan/15/2011 )

Hello Everyone,

I am working with a large number of Human GABAA receptors subunits.I have made glycerol stocks of all of them. However I want to preserve them on filter papers and actually make a folder of them.That will make shipment etc easy too.

Has anyone attenmpted this? Any information, what sort of filter paper should be used etc.
A detail description of protocol/method will be appreciated.



Suspend DNA in tris-Cl pH 7-7.5, label filter paper (usually put a small circle in pencil, within which you should add the DNA), add a couple of ug to filter paper (whatman's no.1 works well), dry out, store.


Thanks Bob.. Was busy in my thesis so its been a long time since I posted on bioforum.
I will make that folder of plasmid DNA's now.


We use Whatman FTA nucleic acid storage paper for DNA......