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making gel electrophoresis - (Jan/14/2011 )

for making agarose gel electrophoresis, I should use TBE 1X or ./5 X?


Either 1x or 0.5x TBE would work just fine. I normally use 0.5x TBE because I only run my gels for 10-15 minutes. If you are going to run large gels, or run them for 30 mins to an hour, then you may want to use 1x TBE. The more TBE the more buffering capacity. 0.5x TBE is just enough for most small, short, applications. If you are running larger (100 ml plus) gels and/or longer runs (over 30 mins to an hour), then the stronger buffering capacity of 1x TBE would be the way to go.