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Sf9 contamination - (Dec/21/2010 )

I am growing Sf9 insect cells for baculovirus expression system. My only problem is fungus infection that seems to occur randomly. Any suggestions? Antibiotics or antimycotics don't agree with insect cells are typically not added to media.


The only solution is to clean your equipment/room, change your solutions and maintain good sterile technique.


Hola, I donīt know why do you say it about antibiotics and antifungus.Iīm working with insect cells since 80īs with fungizone P/S first, and after I changed to fungizone, amphotericin, and I havenīt problems with transfections, infections, titering and expressions and sometimes I have some contamination too. If you donīt want use them try to cure your infection and eliminate the antibiotic, antimicotic after. Buena suerte y Feliz Navidad