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Anitbiotic shelf life in liquid media at RT - (Dec/09/2010 )

Hello, I was wondering how long antibiotics like amplicillin, kanamycin, or chloramphenicol are stable in LB at room temperature. I don't like to store them at 4C because I am less likely to detect contamination at that temperature.

Thank you


Different antibiotics have different stabilities. Amp is stable for about a week at room temp I think, it will last a month at 4 deg C in solid medium. I don't know about the others.

You could always make up a filtered stock solution of antibiotic and add to autoclaved medium when you use it, that way you shouldn't have to worry about contamination at all.


Shelf life @ fridge temperature of main cell culture antibiotics:

When in tissue culture, half life of antibiotics is drastically reduced: