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Basic antibody reactivity - confused understanding which antibodies would be suitable (Nov/22/2010 )


I am looking for a conjugated ALP antibody suitable for flow cytometry. I think I found it with R&D systems #FAB1448A.
But it says this is anti human/mouse/rat, does this mean that it could be used with human, mouse and rat cells. I have mouse MSCs and just want to make sure it will work with them. I was confused when I read it if mouse IgG1, does this mean it was produced in a mouse? I thought if this was the case that it wouldn't react with mouse cells.

Sorry for the basic nature of these questions, if anyone knows a good reference that might help me here my head is fairly spinning trying to figure this out :blink:


You can check at this website:
The product number that you supplied is indeed anti-human or mouse or rat ALP, meaning it binds to either human, mouse or rat ALP and is conjugated with allophycocyanin. Sometimes it is advantageous for the antibodies to bind ALP from different species, because I'm guessing you won't have human, mouse and rat ALP present in the same sample. Or will you?


Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes, it'll just be mouse ALP in the sample.


Yes, your antibody will work on mouse cells. Reactivity depends on which epitope of the antigen is used for production of the antibody. If this epitope is conserved between mouse, human and rat, then this antibody will react with those species, regardless in which species it was raised.