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Lentivirus-based Knockdown for miRNAs? - for hard-to-transfect cells (Nov/02/2010 )

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biotechgirl on Thu Jan 27 00:45:55 2011 said:

deepgreenbegum on Wed Jan 26 17:49:19 2011 said:

hi biotech girl,

have you used any of these vectors/viruses? Do they work OK? We may purchase a virus but need to decide which company to go with...

biotechgirl on Fri Jan 14 20:51:38 2011 said:

Here are some links to already made lentivirus and adenovirus miRNA knockdown clones. Saves you time and frustration since cloning is the most annoying part.

I haven't used them personally but know lots of people who have and had great results. Don't let the price fool you, they're just as good as the bigger name competitors. My suggestion would be to call them or email them if you have any questions about quality. I know they have a guarantee on their products and try really hard to help you troubleshoot if something doesn't work. There's a big sale on miRNA related stuff right now too and lenti is prob included :)

Good luck with your experiment. Let me know how it goes if you decide to order from them.

Chiming in on the had great results. Our publication is coming out in half the time and cost cause we bought the product instead of the supplies to try cloning ourselves. Sometimes, you just need someone who does it day in and day out to help solve the problem.

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