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Feel really stupid for asking this ...Bisulfite Sequencing, help please! - (Oct/13/2010 )

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Now you have to check if the PCR generated the anticipated DNA fragment -- you can make a gel and compare it with a DNA ladder (kind of like a measuring ruler).

>>Okay, how would I prepare the samples for the gel? Is it the same as any other gel? What kind of loading dye should I use?

Next you can perform a gel purification to isolate your desired fragment of DNA.

>>Is there a kit for this?

Now you can continue to do subcloning and ultimately Dye-Primer sequencing.

>>How do I go about doing the "subloning" and the "Dye-Primer sequencing"? Is there a kit for this too?

You have been an invaluable source, sorry, I might sound "lazy" with the kits, but I feel since its the first time I'm doing this, I thought the kits would make me "less lost".

Again, thank you so much for your patience and advice.

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