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Virus titer - (Aug/01/2010 )

I am confused with HA unit and EID. If i wanna determine the titer of my virus, which one should i use.
And is plaque forming unit also another method in determining the titer?

If i wanna do pfu of newcastle disease virus with chicken embryonic fibrioblast? what kind of agar and stain can i use?

thank u.


Hola, I never have work with inluenza virus but isolation and titulation of virus in agarose are used in my field of baculovirus, but this technique is a bit tedious and sometimes it has methodic problems. I prefer titering with end point dilution assay where you infect cells (in a 96 well plate) with a dose of dilutions of virus passage and after the incubation time for spreading of infection you can differenciate infected and non infected wells. This wells data with the dilutions are introduced in a excell sheet and a more accurated titer is calculated in pfu (plate former units). Good luck