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measurement units of DNA - (Jul/11/2010 )

Dear All

I'm asking about Measurement Units of DNA,

In some journals & websites there are some units used for DNA and RNA calculation, I don't know what its mean, and when I search about it, I don't find good information
I hope if you know about it..

For example:
this phrase:

Fill in answers to 13 and either 4 (for converting ng/ml to pM) or 5 (for converting pM to ng/ml).
what mean pM..?

and also this one:

What is the specific activity of your radiolabeled nucleotide stock (Ci/mmol)?

What is the concentration of your radiolabeled nucleotide stock (mCi/ml)?

what means by mCi, Ci

and many others....
is there any website, pdf, books or anything that describe the meaning?

Waiting for your kind response,..
And regards


Google: mCi unit
Hit 1:

can do it for all :lol:


pM is most likely pico Molar