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TRAIL ELISA - designing an ELISA for mouse TRAIL (Jun/08/2010 )

I (my boss) would like to make an ELISA for mouse TRAIL (aka: TL2; Ly81; Trail; APO-2L; AI448571; A330042I21Rik; Tnfsf10), I've been desperately searching R&D, biolegend, etc for antibody pairs but haven't found anything for mice ;)

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a set of paired antibodies or even an ELISA kit (that won't cost my first born child) I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Alternatively, if anyone could offer me advice on selecting antibodies to use as capture and detection Abs, that would make me happy too ;)


How about trying Linscotts; and others rather than a particular manufacturer??

For 'selecting' don't you mean 'making'?


you can also try the antibody search engine.