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Adonitol/Ribitol (or any polyol!) solution - Stability and storage? (May/25/2010 )

Hi all,

I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find any information on the recommended storage temperature, and the length of time stability may be expected, for an aqueous solution of adonitol/ribitol. Can it be stored at room temperature, for example? I Was hoping someone here had some first-had experience they'd be willing to share. At this stage, anything would be helpful!

The relevant background is that I am trialling a solution containing 15% adonitol in microbiological sample preparation in my laboratory (a non-metabolic role), and I'm wondering how I should be storing this, and how long it can be trusted to be doing it's job. The solution is filter sterile.

I'm having real trouble finding any information (not even the suppliers know the answer!), so would also really appreciate insights regarding any similar polyol (eg sorbitol).

Thanks in advance :wacko:

-Kate Wilson-

you can store it long in powder form, but in aquous form, dont know.

Do you need a large stock of it? If not, just make it new everytime.

You could try to make it and store it at 4C in the dark. Normally you should be able to preserve it for a while.

It might also be helpfull to write to some companies that sell it (like you allready did) but try some more.


Thanks for trying, Pito.

Making this solution from powder every time is not appropriate to our situation, and I have exhausted supplier channels. Am currently cold-emailing authors of articles who look to have worked with adonitol in solution. Yes - Desperate times!

I have noticed other sugar alcohols like xylitol are commonly sold in solution.

Does anyone have an idea of how similar one could expect the properties of these two substances to be? I realise this is now more of a chemistry question, but I'd love to hear from someone with experience in working with sugar alcohols.


-Kate Wilson-