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Have you ever re-use cloning vector from plasmid? - Wondering if it is possible to make cloning vector by remove insert (May/07/2010 )

Hi all,

Do you think that after sequencing the insert in plasmid through cloning, plasmid can be recycle to use as vector?
In general by using specific restriction enzymes to remove the insert and purify/preserve linear plasmid with appropriate procedures to make it usable. Theoretically it is possible, right? But I am not sure what details.
If it is possible and by this way plasmid can be made in high yield, it is a good solution for Lab with short of money!
What are your ideas?


How did you clone the insert if you don't have a source of the vector?

If cloning the insert into the vector didn't change the vector (by, for example, losing one or more of the restriction sites in the multiple cloning region), and reproduced the original restriction enzyme site (for example, cloning a BglII-digested insert into a BamHI-digested vector would *not* reproduce the BamHI site), then yes -- you can pop out the insert by restriction digest, recover the vector fragment from a gel, religate it, and transform it into a suitable host.