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finding promoter - (Apr/12/2010 )

Can some one please clarify this for me since I;m getting confused. I have a gene which is 2.7kb in length and it is the open reading frame of the gene that I;m interested in studying. This is in a plasmid that has an ars (autonomous replication sequence), but Iím really not sure about the location of the promoter. I think it is under the own promoter of the gene, but based on the DNA sequence of the gene can I find where the promoter is?
I;m really confused.


I'm not sure if I'm getting it right. You have a gene in plasmid and you're not sure if it contains promoter? Promoters are usualy upstream of the first codon (ATG) and you can find them using some of the aplications mentioned in this post.

Or the plasmid can have own (usualy viral) promoter upstream of the ligation site. That should be denoted in the plasmid map.