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Atorvastatin and LNCap cells - Trouble dissolving Atorvastatin drug in Methanol (Mar/15/2010 )

I am unable to dissolve 10mg of Atorvastatin drug completely in Methanol. I am making a 10mM solution (stock), alternating with heating in water bath and vortex, but no success. I read DMSO can help too in the dissolution. But how to make the dilutions with that, since more than 0.1% DMSO can be letahl to cells. Please let me know if anyone has had success in this. As I need to dissolve it completey to study the effects on LNCap cells at various uM concentration.


how hot is your water bad?

and are you sure that 0.1% is the max you can use because I have seen final concentrations up to 0.5%