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Antibody Company Question - (Feb/09/2010 )


I've been looking at papers to check for antibodies against creb binding protein. I've come across a paper from PNAS in 1997 that used an antibody from a company called Upstate Biotechnology. Because the paper used the antibody in similar cells to what I am using, I tried to check out the antibody, but when I googled the company name I got onto a site called bioportfolio and eventually found the link to the upstate biotechnology page, which just seems to be a search domain.

Just wondering if anyone has come across this company or used them in the past, or know if they have now merged with another company perhaps? I did do another quick search and came across the compay name in other papers, but just thought I would look for some second opinions.




Can you contact the authors of the paper?
And checked this webpage:


If you google "Upstate Biotechnology" this is the first hit:

Millipore - The Expertise of Chemicon, Linco & Upstate is Now a ...
Manufacturer distributing antibodies, purified proteins, migration assays, tissue microarrays, array equipment for molecular biology, and custom services ... - 16 hours ago - Cached - Similar

It might seem like Milipore has bought Upstate. I used some resins for IP from upstate some years ago, and from the logo seen here I think they are the same.

hope this helps.

-almost a doctor-


Thanks, I had also seen the millipore link but wasn't sure if it was the same company, so I'm glad you recognise the logo. I'll have a look to see if I can find a suitable antibody on their website.

Thank you