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sexual network in male human body - Veins which sexual organism to brain (Nov/02/2009 )

I have never studied Biology after class 8th so I don't know even ABC of biology but I am too much interested in biology and I want to study it especially Genetics. I need help from all forum members to increase my Biological Knowledge so I expect good from the forum.

I wanna know about the sexual network of a male human body if someone can describe using (text, Pic or video etc)

My main focus is on the veins or arteries or whatever it is, Ones which link sexual organism of a male human with the brain.

Can someone explain my topic?

Well thanks in anticipation.


Your best bet would be to go to the library and look for a text book, any book such as Campbell's biology will probably have something suitable... if you need more advanced stuff, look for anatomy and physiology text books.



But I were expecting some links to files over internet can anyone do that?