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How to dissolve polyvinylpirrolidone (PVP K25) - (Oct/01/2009 )


I am currently making an extraction buffer for plant ground tissue containing sodium citrate 50 mM pH8.3, 20 mM DIECA and 2% polyvinylpirrolidone.
I see that polyvinylpirrolidone or something in my buffer seems not to have dissolved very well. Do you know if there is any particular way to dissolve it? should I warm it in the microwave oven? Should I filtrate it for sterilization? Any ideas?
I sincerely have no idea, it is the first time I do this.



you could try warming it on a hot plate stirrer.


I used to work with PVP 40 sometime back for DNA extraction. I used 55 C water bath to 5- 10 min to dissolve it in the buffer. This should work but pls check the temperature in a catologue in case.

good luck