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Oligo storage - 4C ?? (Sep/10/2009 )

Hi, does anyone know how long can oligos be kept at 4C for?

I've just been rummaging the fridge and found some oligos ordered by a former colleague that left about a year ago. I've already thrown quite a few of them, but there are some labelled ones that I know where a bit pricey so thought better to double check.
Can I freeze them now, or should I not bother and just chuck them?

Thanks :)

-almost a doctor-

I'd guess they were ok, if you still have a use for them. This is why TE rather than water should be used to dissolve oligos, since in TE they would almost certainly be ok.


I used to mistaken put my stock oligos on benches for a month without realising it (i store in tips box) and I still be able to use it in my pcr. However, it is not recommended.

-adrian kohsf-

Thanks guys. I think the primers were reconstituted in TE so hopefully they'll be fine. I've put them at -20C will find out if they are okay next time someone needs them. Thing is, not sure anyone is going to use them anytime soon, but it was a shame to throw them.

Cheers again :)

-almost a doctor-